Why you should invest in social media

By Chris Bennett Sep 30 2019

It's safe to say that in recent years, social media has played a vital part in contributing to the growth of both small and well-established businesses.

With millions of users checking in daily, it's clear that social networking platforms can offer a multitude of possibilities for all kinds of organisations. No other marketing technique provides a more significant contribution to your brand's perception than social media.

By regularly connecting with followers and fellow organisations, you can massively affect the future of your business and boost authentic engagement and growth.

Today we have put together this article to walk you through the importance of having a powerful online presence and why it is essential to the future of your business. 


Social media contributes greatly to search engine optimisation

That's right. Social profiles not only give your audience a space to connect with you; they also determine where your business ranks in search engine results like Google.

For those who are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, it is one of the fundamental strategies that business owners invest in when creating an online presence. While your social media profiles won't directly affect search engine listings, they will contribute to your SEO efforts in a few different ways.

The main reasons why social media works in conjunction with SEO is by increasing your online visibility and driving more authentic traffic to your website. The more dominant your online presence is, the more authority and recognition you bring to your brand.

Apps displayed on a phone screen
Hundreds of millions of users check into social media every day.

Customers have space to share positive feedback and experiences

Profiles like Facebook and Twitter are particularly great for collecting feedback from your clients. Customers have the opportunity to recommend your services by sharing products, tagging your profile and leaving feedback comments.

With more and more people connecting through social media, your business can be referred directly to larger audiences a lot faster than the general word of mouth. This method of referring often leads to an increase in your brand's recognition and trust, thanks to local recommendations. 


Social media marketing is cheaper than alternative advertising methods

It should come as no surprise that platforms like Facebook and Twitter see the most significant amount of advertisement from business owners and organisations. The primary reason behind this is due to the service being widely available and cheaper than alternative methods of advertising.

Not only that, but it is one of the only forms of advertising today that can give you exposure to more than 100,000 at less than £5 a post. Through the power of social media, you can target your advertisement to users who are most likely to pay for your services or recommend your brand.

Like any form of advertising, it is excellent to compare different rates from competing platforms along with traditional marketing methods.


Build and retain customers trust

Studies suggest that customers are more likely to purchase and re-purchase from a brand that has a social media presence than those who do not. This is because your clients will have the opportunity to find previous reviews and experiences from other customers.

Customers also have the option of sourcing information like your brand's contact details and location, allowing them to get in touch easier. You may decide to share images of products or services that you have previously provided to showcase your brand's abilities and status.

It is essential that you recognise that more and more customers are turning to social media networks, along with search engines to build trust and credibility in a brand.

Man sitting at a bar
Building trust is a vital part of your digital strategy

Connect with other brands

Social media can have tremendous results in connecting brands to other businesses. You will gain the opportunity to support other organisations and establish more partnerships within your industry.

This can be particularly valuable when sourcing suppliers and creating strong relationships with fellow manufacturers. Not only will your clients be able to research your business online, but your potential partners can also do the same.

This proves how much of a significant role your social networking plays in determining the future of your business. 


Extend your services through social networking

Another significant advantage of using social media to market your business is the possibility of reaching broader audiences globally.

Many smaller organisations choose to source popular influencers and public figures to promote their brand for them. However, by developing your own social networking presence, you can successfully promote your own business without having to pay anyone else for further advertisement.

As social media platforms are free to use and readily available, the chance of your brand reaching customers worldwide is a lot greater.

Person holding a cup of coffee
Social can boost the success of your new services

Improving your marketing techniques

It may sound obvious, but many businesses deteriorate due to a lack of proper marketing strategies and poor-quality advertising. Devoting time to creating a quality online network really can boost your recognition and the presence of your business in your area.

Investing in a range of advertisement is the key to a company’s growth and performance. Keep up to date with the latest strategies and diversify your tactics by incorporating social media networks alongside newsletters and e-mail marketing. 


Engage with your followers

This is a biggie when concentrating on the reputation and credibility of your brand. The more you respond to customer feedback, the better the image you present.

Try to engage with those who leave negative feedback also, as this shows potential customers and business partners that you acknowledge criticism and will try to resolve any issues accordingly. When a brand rarely engages with its customers on social media or invests time promoting upcoming products, it doesn't relay a professional presence with its audience.

You should take the time to engage with your followers through all of your online platforms, as using social media just to throw advertisements at people won't get you very far.

So you see, social networking is not just a way for families and friends to connect. It has become one of the best business marketing tools of the century, and that is why every organisation should have a credible online presence behind them.

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