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Social Media Management

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Running your business social accounts is the bread and butter of what we do. Not only will we keep them ticking over nicely, but we can set them up from scratch if you’ve not yet taken your fist steps into getting your business on social media.

We’ve got the expertise and technology to generate measurable results for your business, as well as a scalable pricing model that allows you to grow with us.

We’re also pretty good at running exciting, targeted, and creative campaigns to deliver your key brand messages to the right audience at the right time. We use a combination of our advanced technology pipeline and our strategic expertise to deliver high-performance results to drive your business growth forwards.

We can also create advanced Chatbots which can provide an additional layer of service, from customer support to lead generation. These can be activated on Twitter Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger.

Social Strategy

It all starts with your strategy. As part of your wider marketing strategy, we’ll use our extensive experience to help you craft the ideal social and wider digital components to deliver on your business goals. We’ll look at what you want to achieve, what resources you have available, and what timescale you want to achieve this in, and come up with a plan to get there together.

As part of planning your strategy, we’ll conduct an audit of your current marketing activities, and then carry out focused research into your target audience to assess the best way to deliver on your business goals.

We’ll also help to define your digital Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) so that any work can be measured and analysed against a performance target. Measuring a solid return on investment is key to delivering successful work for our clients, and our advanced data pipeline, plus our years of experience with analytics, will help demonstrate clear results.

We’re also realistic, and will be honest with what is achievable. Social results don’t happen overnight. Like any good marketing approach, things take time, including research, planning, and good execution.

We’re experts at crafting a strategy to take into account all the variables of your business.

If you don’t have a lot of resources to spend on social advertising, we can focus on organic campaigns. If you have a tight deadline, we can deliver work on a rapid turnaround. Plenty to spend on a paid campaign? Then let’s create some real buzz and push the boat out.

Whatever your circumstances, we’ll help you put a plan together that brings the results you want.


There’s no denying the power of influencers on social media these days. With some reaching tens of millions of followers across the world, the potential for influencer marketing to turbocharge your brand is hard to ignore.

At Pyrolane, we know how to leverage the power of the right influencers at the right time to truly activate your brand. We’ll work with you to research which influencers would be a perfect fit for a marketing partnership, whether long-term of for a one-off promotion.

We’ll take care of the relationship management, from fees to correspondence and everything in between. We’ll brief them on what, how, and when to promote your business and then use our advanced analytics pipeline to show you measurable results.


We begin all our projects with a robust research phase to understand your business and your customers. We don’t believe that a good digital strategy can be built on guesswork, so we’re always looking to base decisions and advice on actual data where possible. Luckily, we’re data specialists - with extensive experience researching audiences, content, and competitors.

Throughout our projects we’ll be carrying out regular, ongoing research to incrementally improve overall results, building out robust audience personas and segments. Our analytics pipeline is state-of-the-art, with the latest technology combined to deliver reporting which is comprehensive and accurate, but easy to read. While we can track pretty much everything that is actually trackable, we make sure from the get go that the key information you need is what you get first, such as KPI’s and ROI data.Analytics interface

Paid Social Advertising

While we can deliver great results just from organic campaigns, to really take your marketing into overdrive, we always recommend paid social advertising. It’s often quicker and easier to target exactly the audience you want, the only catch being, well, it’s paid - so it’s not free.

Paid social can be a complex beast, and requires the mastery of many different parts in order to get outstanding results. We’re able to set up paid campaigns, configure a tracking pipeline so that results and ROI can be monitored, and then aggressively A/B test campaign copy and graphics to find the most effective combination to drive optimum results.

We can work with all budgets, whether you have £50 or £50,000 to work with, we’ll put your budget to the best use possible across the channels best suited to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales. We offer paid advertising management across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Exciting, memorable campaigns are the cornerstone of social media marketing, and we’ve got over 10 years of experience delivering amazing digital experiences for a range of audiences. For Earlham Institute alone, we were able to generate over 20 million impressions across 100+ campaigns in a single year.

Before starting any campaign, we’ll do a research phase to find out the best approach to achieving business goals, whether a competition or giveaway, a sales promotion, web traffic generation, or a special occasion (think Christmas, World Book Day, or a business anniversary!).

We’ll then come up with a key campaign message and design some stunning graphics to accompany the posts. We'll also make sure everything is approved, scheduled, tracked, and monitored to make sure the campaign is performing as well as it can.

Content Production

No good marketing strategy is complete without a plan for producing and distributing high-quality content to your audience.

At Pyrolane, we’re able to produce all kinds of content, from blog posts to case studies, tailored to deliver maximum impact and engagement. We can help you put together a content marketing strategy to drive your business growth by focusing on what your audiences want to consume. Fundamentally, what provides value to them, whilst highlighting how your business can solve their problems?

Great content is all about telling a great story, and we’ll tell the story of your brand with inspiring words and beautiful images that make your audience take action.

Social Listening

With over 2.5 billion users worldwide, social media generates a lot of information, from conversations, to comments, images, and reviews. With over 100 billion posts per day across social, and millions of new web pages added per day, it’s vital to keep your finger on the pulse of not just your business, but the key topics of your industry.

We’re able to offer a digital listening service that tracks your brand and business keywords anywhere on the web. Using our technology pipeline, we can monitor your brand in real-time which provides many opportunities, from audience insights, to engaging with your customers as they are talking about you.


There are two types of optimisation that we do, content and framework.

Content optimisation

Content optimisation is about making sure that every piece of content, whether an article, case study or video, is creatively and technically perfected to deliver maximum impact. We make sure that copy and creative is optimised for your audience through being highly relevent, uncovered through research across keywords, search intent and audience insights. When it comes to video, we optimise around watch times, accessibility (captions), and display formats. On the technical side, we'll make sure content has on-page SEO done to the highest standard, such as schema and metadata, social card configuration and tracking script setup, and we'll compress all images to keep your site page weight as low as possible. As far as we're concerned, technical SEO should just be a part of a regular content quality sign-off process. So that's exactly how we work.

Framework optimisation

Framework optimisation is all about helping your inhouse team to work like we do, efficient, agile and highly productive. We'll make sure there are no gaps in your processes too. Anything that can be streamlined or improved is a target for optimisation, anything that is wasteful or inefficient we can either scrap completely, or rework into something productive for you. One of the most important aspects of our framework optimisation is helping you build a better technology stack so your inhouse team can get more done. Whether looking for a cheaper, more productive, faster or more powerful workflow, we can help.

Training & Consulting

If you run your social media in-house, or just want to know more about how to leverage it to grow your business, then we can offer bespoke, personalised training to help you reach your goals.

Our training can be face-to-face or online over Google Hangouts, whichever suits you better. Whether you need a one hour brush-up or an intensive two day strategy workshop, we can accommodate all of your needs.

Our training focuses on driving measurable results, which is ultimately what matters the most. Putting a strategy together and an approach that works for your business and your team, is the key outcome.

We’ll begin with understanding your business needs and building customer profiles, including user journeys. We’ll then take you through the various key steps in planning and delivering excellent social media work - from technology to tactics.

We use the best technology to drive your brand growth

Getting social right is a combination of technology, expertise, and creativity. When it comes to our technology, we believe in the best.

Our technology pipeline is one of our biggest strengths, and we combine over 30 platforms together to deliver outstanding results for our clients. When we add our creativity and expertise into the mix it becomes a complete solution for driving your brand growth online.

Our technologies

A showcase of some of the technologies that we use. With over 30+ platforms connected in our advanced digital technology pipeline, we can deliver measurable results for your business every time.

See measurable results through world-class reports

How do you know if social media is working for your brand? You need to measure it. With our analytical expertise and powerful technology, we'll produce monthly reports for you that focus on the things that matter. Engagement, audience growth, customer satisfaction, sales, and reach.

Our reports are beatifully designed and easy to understand, helping you to see how your business is progressing.

Feel reassured with excellent customer service

We're here to grow your brand. We work collaboratively with our clients so that we can understand their business, and that they can understand what we are doing to help them grow. To make this process easy we'll invite you to our project management platform, ClickUp, where you can see everything we're working on for you. This includes timelines, tasks, and you can even add comments and chat to us through this directly.

We like to look after our clients, and you can reach us at any time. We always try and respond as soon as we can. Whatever you need, we're always here for you!

Our process

It's how we work that differentiates us from our competition. We just get on with it. No messing around - our consultants manage their own projects, so you're always dealing with the people actually carrying out the work. We've got a powerful system in place that's been designed to make this approach easy for our clients and easy for us to collaborate and produce amazing work together.

We don't sit around having meetings all day and running everything past a committee. We figure out what needs to be done, and then do it. The result? A much clearer, simpler path to excellent work that doesn't waste your time or money.

Understanding your business

It's critical for us to get a solid understanding of you, your business and your customers. This is the foundation on which we'll build an approach, together, that will drive your business forwards. Being on the same page when it comes to what your brand represents is important for us because we'll be acting as your brand custodians on social media.

We'll also need to understand your business goals. What is it you're looking to achieve through social media? What resources do you have available? What are you wider business goals? This information helps us in the next phase, where we get more specific about what needs to be done.


This is the phase where we refine what you want to achieve and get it written down so it's clear and easy for everyone to understand. We'll provide our expertise to help you focus in on exactly what your business needs. This phase also helps us both understand what resources will be required, so there's no surprises down the road.

We're fully open and transparent about both our pricing and what we can do for you, particularly about what is realistically achievable. We believe in under-promising and over-delivering, not the other way around.


This is a critical phase that shapes the work to be carried out into a plan of action. Covering research, data analysis, and further fact-finding about your business and customers, we'll work with you to put a social media strategy in place to truly deliver on your business objectives.

We've got years of experience writing digital strategies for a range of businesses in many different sectors - so you're in good hands. Nobody knows your business and customers like you, so this is a particularly collaborative phase that helps to build our relationship going forwards.


Once we've got the plan in place, it's time for the fun part - the execution! We'll connect you up to our digital infrastructure and get your online presence revamped, plugged-in, and ready to go.

If there's any content to produce, such as articles, videos, or photography, we'll get to work right away. We'll begin to schedule interesting, relevent content on your channels and start planning some exciting campaigns to run to meet your business objectives.

You can't measure social media properly without tracking, also referred to as attribution. One of the most important parts of the execution phase is to make sure your website and social accounts are configured to enable us to track the journey of your customers and how they interact and engage with your content.

When set up, we'll be able to show you real-time data that can demonstrate the real impact your social media is having, from customer behaviour to leads and sales generated.




Once your social media strategy has been put in place and the posts and content are flowing nicely, we'll keep a close eye on the data to see how everything is performing. We're data analysis experts and have powerful technology to help us monitor, analyse, and evaluate multiple data sources to get a complete picture of account and campaign performance.

With all the tracking infrastructure in place, we'll also be able to track how social is influencing your company website and customer support platforms.


Once the data has been captured and analysed, it's time to reflect and see where we stand. What do the social strategy KPI's show? How does this tie into your wider business goals? We'll be able to find out all this information and present it to you in a clear and concise manner.

We're able to produce beautiful and easy to understand reports that cover all your social activity across all your platforms. We can even report from our social listening platform to show you the buzz your brand is creating and what customers are saying about you. If you need further reporting, such as website analytics, we can take care of this too.


The benefit of gathering and analysing so much data is it lets us know what is working and what isn't, which means we can tweak, in real-time, everything from campaigns, to post text, images, timings, engagement approaches and more. We're always looking for ways to perform better and better, and the more we do, the more we know.

Our approach is always to test first, and ask questions later. If something hasn't been tested, how do you know if it's going to work or not? It's much more effective to do a quick test, and then see what happens, than to put all your resources into a single approach and hope that it works. Constant testing and refinement is not only the most effective approach, but also the most resource efficient way to run social media accounts.

The longer we run an account, the better we can make it. More data means more insight, which means better targeting, and more effective results.

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