Case study: Earlham Institute

How we increased Earlham Institute's followers by 2776%, delivered 20,000,000 impressions and over 15,000 engagements.

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Aiming for an international audience to grow brand awareness

Earlham Institute (EI) is a research institute focused on exploring living systems by applying computational science and biotechnology to answer ambitious biological questions and generate enabling resources. Located in Norwich, EI have a reputation for high-quality research at local and national levels, but being a relatively new organisation they needed to establish themselves on an international stage.

To put EI and its research on the map, we planned a robust digital strategy with social media and a high-performing website at its core. Using the global reach of Twitter, we grew EI's audience by posting stunning, engaging content.

Deep analytics to inform content strategy

Using our years of experience and powerful technology we conducted a deep dive into EI's data across multiple platform, including Google Analytics. Our insights helped shape the look, feel and tone of content, which was diversified from press releases and blogs into full features, podcasts, quick reads, interviews, and more. This approach saw an increase in web traffic of over 25% and a 40% increase in social media engagement rates.

We helped EI to tell the story of their science in a more exciting way, by telling actual stories - such as the biodiversity of Colombia, or why the Pink Pigeon needs science to save it from extinction.

Key results

20,000,000 impressions

Running regular micro-campaigns around every piece of high-quality content allowed us to reach a huge audience and massively increase brand awareness.

15,000 engagements

Demonstrating the impact of EI's research through public engagement was a key objective we achieved by regularly interacting with EI's audience.


Our social media campaign to promote EI's breakthroughs in wheat genomics won a government award from UK Research & Innovation.


We targeted content at specific audience profiles for maximum impact, increasing reach on each piece of content by over 30%.

Two-way dialogue

We monitored social and the web for conversations around key topics and then jumped into the discussion, sharing insights and content to build brand awareness.

Increased brand awareness

The overall campaign led to increased brand awareness and strong organic growth across social audience size, interactions and web traffic.


Dr Peter Bickerton
Scientific Communications & Outreach Manager

“Chris has a natural eye for a social media campaign, understanding what motivates an audience and the organisation at the same time.”

Sarah Cossey
Director of Operations

"Chris had a huge impact on our approach to digital and social media campaigns. His innovative approach and knowledge of his field helped us reach a global audience and really engage with our stakeholders."

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